MASS Gallery
507 Calles Street Suite 108
Austin, TX 78702

Exhibition Images

Installation images: Ricky Yanas

MASS Gallery is pleased to present Young Sons, a selection of works by longtime collaborators Michael Ricioppo and Drew Liverman. The paintings are culled from a particularly productive period in the artists’ partnership and often seem to come from a single hand. Rather than work alongside one another and impose two contrasting sensibilities onto one canvas, the artists trade turns at every stroke, at every idea—point and counterpoint from detail to composition. There is a visual rhyming here, a syncopation, perhaps even a punning. You can catch a stroke as assured as the most calligraphic graffito right next to, or even obliterated by, the blind scratchings of a caveman squatting with primeval lamp of animal fat and head swimming with lust. The results are accumulative, energetic, omnivorous, and almost always organized into figurative pictures that flirt with but never want to wholly emerge from the zest of the painting process itself.

Opening Reception: October 11, 7-10pm

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