MASS Gallery
507 Calles Street Suite 108
Austin, TX 78702

MASS Gallery, in conjunction with Austin Video Bee and Refraction Arts, is pleased to present Fantasy Vision Meditation (In Color), a large-scale sculptural video installation by Austin-based artist Ivan Lozano.

Fantasy Vision Meditation (In Color), a room-sized sculptural video installation, is the first “episode” in a series investigating the parallel historical narratives of disco, gay liberation movements and AIDS. Lozano creates a phantasmagoric elegy for the fallen soldiers in the hidden cultural wars of the 70s and 80s by transforming two sources generally dismissed as vapid and disposable. “I Need Somebody To Love Tonight” by disco singer Sylvester James (a victim of AIDS) and producer Patrick Cowley (who succumbed to AIDS less than three months after the disease was codified) and A Night At Halsted’s by queer porn auteur Fred Halsted (who overdosed on sleeping pills after the death of his lover from AIDS) helped in defining the culture of the era. Lozano imbues his materials with pathos by a careful and labor-intensive digital exegesis of the unconscious spiritual elements hidden in the originals

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