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MASS Close Encounters presents a screening of Alien Dreamtime in conjunction with the closing of Mariah Dekkenga and Josef Bull’s exhibition We have never been modern. The screening is on July 17 from 8-10 PM. Alien Dreamtime was a live, multi-media event at the Transmission Theater in San Francisco in 1993. The performance combined a spoken word lecture by psychonaut Terence McKenna, psychedelic visuals by Rose X, techno sounds by Time Space Continuum, and Stephen Kent’s didgeridoo.

“It occurred to me that these must be holographic viral projections from an autonomous continuum that was somehow intersecting my own, and then I thought a more elegant explanation would be to take it at face value and realize that I had broken into an ecology of souls. And that somehow I was getting a peek over the other side. Somehow I was finding out that thing that you cheerfully assume you can’t find out. But it felt like I was finding out. And it felt.. and then I can’t remember what it felt like because the little self-transforming tykes interrupted me and said, “Don’t think about it. Don’t think about who we are… Think about doing what we’re doing. Do it! Do it! DO IT NOW!!!” And what they meant was use your voice to make an object. And as I understood, I felt a bubble kind of grow inside of me. And I watched these little elf tykes jumping in and out of my chest; they like to do that to reassure you. And they said, “Do it.” And I felt language rise up in me that was unhooked from english, and I began to speak…”

-Terence McKenna, Excerpt from Alien Dreamtime, 1993

Presented in conjunction with Dekkenga and Bull’s exhibition  We have never been modern. on view June 13-July 19

MASS is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Economic Development Department/Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future.