MASS Gallery
507 Calles Street Suite 108
Austin, TX 78702

MASS continues our Close Encounters program with MIXTAPE PLANETARIUM, in conjunction with Scott Eastwood’s January 2013 exhibition They Never Die They Just Go To Sleep One Day. Mixtape Planetarium is an event designed by Eastwood in order to reclaim the cultural past time of sitting in a room listening to sound and music. To aid in the listening process there will be a “light show” that will consist of a collection of light toys, gadgets, fixtures, etc. to create a mood of repose and a point of focus, like a fire on a moonless night. The “light show” however, is not the only goal; this is a sonic journey, a quest to spend time in real time. There will be trials of patience, forebodings of evil, feelings of love, tenderness, longing, betrayal, and joy. Please join us at the Mixtape Planetarium June 6th.

The set will be DJ’d live during the event. Copies of the mixtape will be available for donation upon request. Some blankets, chairs, and pillows will be provided please feel free to bring your own since accommodations will be limited. This is a BYOB event.


As an expression of MASS Gallery’s mission to create meaningful and significant moments for artists and viewers to connect, MASS introduces Close Encounters. In line with the continual effort to provide artists with the physical and mental space to challenge and develop their practice, Close Encounters will be a platform for them to reflect on their process while providing new avenues for gallery audiences to experience contemporary practices.

With each exhibition, MASS will solicit participating artists to devise a program designed to provide new methods of engaging the public’s curiosity, inviting them to participate intellectually or physically with the exhibition space, as well as the artist’s work and concepts. Open and broad, this prompt can be approached from a multitude of ways: performative, passive, or completely radical in execution or thought. Close Encounters is a challenge to the artist, as well as the audience, and is designed to provide a new way of encountering and understanding the creative process.

MASS is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Economic Development Department/Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future.