MASS Gallery
507 Calles Street Suite 108
Austin, TX 78702

MASS: Close Encounters is pleased to present a video by Christa Palazzolo and Michelle Devereux of a site-specific performance by Max Juren at the opening of the exhibition Natural Future Museum at MASS Gallery on May 15th, 2015. In the performance, Juren performs as “Future Caveman”, a homo sapien from the future who inhabits the exhibition space, interacts with onlookers, and communicates through an impassioned dance to Led Zeppelin.

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Natural Future Museum, on view May 15th – June 13th, 2015.

Max Juren makes objects and environments in the form of video, installation, and attempted pop phenomenon product sculptures. He believes in the power of novelty, the gimmick, the absurd, and snacks. His work is concerned with transforming impulse into coherence, and the obvious into entertainment. He lives and works in Austin.

What would a natural history museum of the future look like? Will our mass-consumption of information morph truths into fantasy? Could our society—one obsessed with products, satire, social media, and environmental collapse—be interpreted by future beings as something completely different from our current reality? Which pieces of our present will be remembered in their correct context and which will be misconstrued? Christa Palazzolo and Michelle Devereux examine these questions through drawing, painting, and installation using the form of a natural history museum as their inspiration.

With each exhibition, MASS solicits participating artists to devise a program designed to provide new methods of engaging the public’s curiosity, inviting them to participate intellectually or physically with the exhibition space, as well as the artist’s work and concepts. Open and broad, this prompt can be approached in a multitude of ways: performance based, passive, or completely radical in execution or thought. Close Encounters is a challenge to the artist, as well as the audience, and is designed to provide a new way of encountering and understanding the creative process.

MASS is funded and supported in part by the City of Austin through the Economic Development Department/Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future.